Manufactured in the U.S.A.

HEL-STAR™ products were defined, designed and field tested in close collaboration with active user groups.

Originally developed for the HAHO/HALO community as a low profile alternative to bulky strobe lights and chem sticks, these lightweight, compact designs conform to the helmet for safety and snag-free mounting. Simple, intuitive switching provides an immediate, positive confirmation of operating mode status, in the blind, with a gloved hand. The unique design has evolved into three distinct models offering two, three, or four user-defined functions in virtually any color and IR, flashing or steady. 

This high level of capability has allowed the product to grow beyond its military freefall origins to a wide range of users and applications. Alternate uses have included mounting and marking of vehicles, equipment, aerial delivery, and personnel gear. HEL-STAR is the choice of the professional.

HEL-STAR 4®, a two-function helmet-mounted light with a flexible lighting strip, was introduced in 2004 and was followed in 2009 by the HEL-STAR 5®, an enhanced three function device. 

The unique, compact HEL-STAR 6® was introduced in 2011. Its integrated design has significantly improved omni-directional light output with two modes of operation (e.g., overt and covert) and a total of four user-defined functions. 

Introduced in 2012, the fully waterproof HEL-STAR 6® GEN II passed independent open sea trials to 130 feet. 

The entire HEL-STAR™ product line is in use in both training and down range missions with U.S. and allied Special Operations Forces.

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